Consulting ServicesMike doing field work on the Kaapvaal Craton, in the Vredefort impact structure.

Michael Knoper

Trained / Licensed / Certified Professional Geologist

Experienced: economic geology, field geology, mineralogy, petrology, exploration, geological mapping, geochemistry, metallic minerals, structural geology, tectonics, mining geology, appraisals.

Analytical: electron-microprobe, SEM, MLA, petrographic microscope (digital photography), XRD, XRF, Micromine, remote sensing and GIS.

Field work: greenstone belts, layered igneous intrusions, orogenic complexes, volcanic provinces, extended crustal domains, cratons and cordilleras.

Retaining my services. Enquiries are welcome – yet by my own admission, my services are not always available. If you seek advice or have a project that might be of interest then please contact me, preferably by arranging for an initial consultation. If you seek professional advice without arranging an initial consultation, I might not have time to respond to your enquiry. Generally speaking I have a policy of consulting on projects only if the following criteria are met, in order of priority:

  1. The project is something to which I can bring value.
  2. The concept interests me.
  3. The people are realistic yet open-minded.

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Michael Knoper …
Trained / Licensed / Certified Professional Geologist
Certified Professional Geologist.
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+1 (520) 829.1810
South Africa - details:
PO Box 1172
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+27 (11) 839.2010
Washington State Licensed Geologist.
Fax: +1 (520) 829.1810
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Michael Knoper …
Trained / Licensed / Certified Professional Geologist
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Precious metals

Photograph of the Merensky Reef basal chromitite.
Much of the world's platinum is found associated with the basal chromitite layer of the Merensky Reef in the Bushveld Complex. The basal chromitite is the thin dark band about 0.5 cm thick near the center of the photo, between the dark Merensky Pyroxenite and the light-colored footwall anorthosite. Platinum group minerals often found here include PGM phases such as isoferroplatinum, maslovite, sperrylite, cooperite, and braggite. Photograph by M Knoper.


Photograph of Steenkampskraal monazite lode.
Monazite, a mineral rich in the light rare earth elements cerium, lanthanum, and neodymium, is the most common REE ore mineral found at Steenkampskraal, a REE ore deposit located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The brown-colored areas seen in this ore specimen are composed of fine-grained monazite-(Ce) and apatite, whereas (the more reflective) quartz-rich zones are proximal to concentrations of magnetite and chalcopyrite. This ore specimen measures about 12 cm across. Photograph by M Knoper.


Photograph of a spodumene pegmatite from the Kaapvaal Craton.
Spodumene is lithium pyroxene, an ore mineral of lithium. In this photo of a spodumene pegmatite from the Kaapvaal Craton, the ash-colored lath-shaped crystals are spodumene, here with their long axes parallel to the rock hammer handle. Tantalite and columbite are two other minerals sometimes found in such pegmatites. Photograph by M Knoper.

Geospatial modeling

Satellite image of gold mine dumps south of central Johannesburg.
Note the gold mine dumps, which dominate the bottom region of the image (north towards top) in south central Johannesburg, South Africa. These mine dumps are rapidly disappearing, as they are being actively reprocessed and relocated. This necessitates reclamation as well as remedial work. Aster satellite imagery from 2002; false-color processing using TNTmips.

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